Item #5352 Tin Stencil for Pacific American Fisheries Canned Salmon Crates. Pacific Northwest Americana - Aquaculture.

Tin Stencil for Pacific American Fisheries Canned Salmon Crates

Bellingham: Pacific American Fisheries. Loose metal sheet with welded parts. Tin stencil designed for painting "Pacific American Fisheries" on cases of canned salmon. Stencil measures 14 x 11.5 inches. Text includes "4 Doz.," "No. 1 Flat" and "Salmon Packed for Pacific American Fisheries Bellingham, WASH." With wear commensurate with age; in sum, stencil remains in Very Good condition. Very Good. Item #5352

Founded in 1899 with financing from Chicago, Pacific American Fisheries was a significant force in the development of Fairhaven, the city in northwest Washington State that was, in 1903, annexed by the larger city of Bellingham. The stencil's use of Bellingham, rather than Fairhaven, dates the stencil post-1903. Following WWII, the advent of cheap printing allowed labels to be pasted on crates and boxes. As such, the stencil can be dated to the generous span of 1903-1945.

In 1966 Pacific American Fisheries liquidated their assets. The physical plant was sold to the city of Bellingham; a 1930s PAF brick office building remains on property that now facilitates the terminal for the Bellingham-Ketchikan ferry of the Alaska Marine Highway. An uncommon artifact from the era of Washington State's natural-extraction economy.


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